Lifeguard Academy

Member of the ESNE (Greek Lifeguard Academy Union).
In our Academy you can obtain the following licenses:
Coastal Lifeguard, Pool Lifeguard, First Aid Certificate.
Our trainers will help you find work that interests you anywhere
in Greece. Special fast-learning groups for hotel-owners and other professionals.

Lifeguard Contracting

This service is targeted towards Municipalities and Hotels that have busy beaches.
Since 2016 our company cooperates with several municipalities and hotels in the prefecture of Ilia to provide full lifeguard coverage.

Some of our latest clients
include the following

Municipality of

Municipality of

Municipality of

Municipality of
Andravida – Kyllini

Municipality of
Andritsaina – Krestena

Port Fund of Kyllini

Hotel Aldemar

Hotel Robinson Club

Grecotel hotels

Corfu Imperial

Eva Palace

Costa Botanica

Mandola Rosa

La riviera


Ilia Palms

Pool Lifeguard Contracting

This service is targeted towards any business that has a swimming pool, such as Municipal or Private swimming pools, hotel swimming pools, Spas, Pool Bars, Waterslides etc.
The coverage offers experienced lifeguards and even appropriate equipment upon request.
Lifeguard Contracting of Events, Children’s Parties and Water Sport Competitions
Our company can offer experienced lifeguards and any necessary equipment depending on the event.

Junior Lifeguards

Our Academy has designed a lifeguard teaching program for kids!
Through this program the kids learn the basic rules of conduct, means of rescue, self-preservation and danger management in the water.

Sharks Lifeguard Academy

Coast Guard Lifeguard

Electronic registration of applications under the jurisdiction of the Port Police URL

PSYDEYN Questions List URL

Examination System for Candidate Lifeguards + Trial Exam URL

Question tank PDF

Exam Manual PDF

Exam dates URL

Pool Lifeguard

Pool questions PDF

Attendance documents

Registration PDF

YD Document PDF

Health Certificate PDF


Welcome to the Quiz section of!

Here, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge in beach lifeguarding and handling speedboats. The quizzes we offer cover three main categories: Coastal Lifeguard, Pool Lifeguard, and Speedboat Handling.

The tests have been designed to help you assess your knowledge and determine whether you are sufficiently prepared for your lifeguarding exams or if you wish to test your knowledge for a speedboat handling license.

By participating in these quizzes, you will have the chance to reinforce your knowledge, practice various scenarios, and evaluate your progress. As you complete each test, you will receive immediate results that will indicate which areas may require further study.

Whether you are a professional lifeguard, seeking additional preparation for your examination, or simply wanting to test your knowledge in lifeguarding and speedboat handling, our quizzes are here for you.

Start the quizzes now and discover how prepared you are for the challenges that await you in the world of lifeguarding and speedboat handling.

Good luck!

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Lifeguard equipment – Clothing

Find here all the necessary lifeguard equipment you need. Whether you are a lifeguard or a business (Municipalities, Hotels, Waterparks, Swimming Pools etc.)


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